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I am changing the format of the station.
I was disappointed with the last platform I was using.
The site is under construction so please forgive any Issues.
Feel free to let me know if you find any.

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This site has been designed for Mobil Devices.
Scan down. A lot of good stuff down there!

I want to thank Bill Martin who has stuck with the station since it's inception in 2015.
Billy is a dear friend and a great music artist from Philadelphia.
He has provided me with the inspiration to continue running the station.
Visit Billy's Facebook page

You may listen to artist's original music who have given me the permission to play.

Bill Martin - Dusty Roads

Monique Canniere - Preaching To The Choir

Meet Artists. Al Fink Interviews.

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Q1. Who wrote the song Palisades Park?

1) Bruce Springsteen

2) Bon Jovi

3) Chuck Barris

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